Eight Easy Tips That Can Turn Your Trades From Losers to Winners

| January 4, 2022

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There are many profitable option trading strategies, but none of them will work unless you are willing to stick to a set of guiding principles. Several rules I employ are helpful in maximizing profits, limiting losses and, most importantly, taking the emotion out of trading.

Below, I will go over my basic trading philosophy, why I decide to take profits or cut losses when I do and how these decisions can be used to limit risk.

1. Taking Profits

My expectation for every option trade is at least a 100% return. Once a trade reaches a 100% return, we can either:

  • Exit the trade completely, or:
  • Sell half—or even a third—of the position, place a protective stop on the remaining position and keep riding the wave

Once the option premium has reached my target, I typically close the position and move on to the next trade. As an alternative, if the 100% profit target is reached, I might…

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