About Options Trading Research

It’s time for individual investors to reap the enormous benefits of options trading that professionals have been getting for years!

The truth is, if you’re not using options to maximize your returns and reduce your risk… then you’re playing the game with one hand tied behind your back!

For years Wall Street big shots have made options seem a lot more complicated than they really are.

We’re here to change all that…

Options Trading Research is a free daily e-letter devoted to one thing– helping ‘Main Street’ investors wisely use options to increase the amount of money they have in their brokerage account.

Whether you’re looking to speculate and generate huge returns, hedge positions you already own, or generate income we’ll give you the tools, ideas and education to do it right.

Options Trading Research is based in Phoenix, Arizona and is lead by options trading expert Gordon Lewis.

With decades of options trading experience, Gordon provides in-depth insight and expert options trading advice in a clear, honest and detailed manner.  Something that many so-called “experts” fail to do!

He removes the mystery that surround options so you can immediately use the same strategies the professionals use in your own account.

And unlike a lot of other “newsletters” out there, we’re 100% unbiased.

That means we don’t run a hedge fund, we don’t own a brokerage firm and we don’t accept any compensation from the companies we talk about.

All we do is give you straightforward options ideas and strategies that can make you money.