The Best Options Trading Strategy On Earth


Take Everything You THINK YOU KNOW About Trading Options…

and throw it out the window.


Here’s How To Start Using The Best Options Trading Strategy On Earth…

It’ll fly in the face of what most ‘experts’ tell you is the best way to trade options. It’ll take decades of what was considered options ‘gospel’ and completely turn it on its head.

The secret lies in 3 simple trading rules. And if you follow them, you’ll have a great shot at successfully harnessing the power of options– and make your money worries a thing of the past!

No other investment offers the broad range of benefits to investors that options do.

When used correctly, options are one of the best risk management tools known to man.

This is the main reason why options are used so heavily by big-time investors and Wall Street insiders. No matter what investment you’re using, or what investment strategy you’re following, options can always be used to reduce risk.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder the pros trade options so heavily. You’ve likely heard the term “smart money” when referring to professional traders. Well, the smart money is often in options.


Rule #1: Don’t Buy Any Option That’s Priced Over $3.00!


Look, it’s no secret that the way to make big money — whether you’re investing in stocks, bonds, real estate, or options — is to buy low and sell high. And the best way to find an undervalued option, is to look at those trading at $3 or less.

Inexpensive options give you the chance to get the triple- and quadruple-digit returns that every investor craves. Those kind of returns can still happen with more expensive options, but it’s a lot less likely.


Rule #2: Only Buy Options That Expire In 6 Months Or Less


The truth of the matter is, you’ll be a lot better off keeping your expiration month just a few months out.

Similar to the first rule, shorter expiration options will move much more quickly than long term options, all things being equal.


Rule #3: Always Sell Covered Calls Six to Nine Months Out


Selling covered calls allows you to generate income on stocks you already own.

Want to put these rules into action? 

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