Advanced Options Adviser

Advanced Options Adviser

This dynamic theme-based options trading service is run by Chief Options Strategist Gordon Lewis and is designed to do one thing– make you as much money as possible with theme-based trading!

Every other Monday, Gordon sends out a trade summary email based on a certain theme to his subscribers. This summary will include 2 to 4 trades to go along with the theme.

The trade summary will include an exit strategy for both conservative and aggressive investors, so you’ll know exactly when to sell your options depending on your risk tolerance.

Finally, Gordon sends out an update every other Monday (on weeks when there isn’t a new trade summary) that quickly covers the most interesting of the open positions in the portfolio.

At all times, you’ll have a professional options trader right there with you telling you exactly what to buy, how much to pay and when you should sell.

And it’s all done through email, so it’s quick and easy…

With Advanced Options Adviser, you’ll get the opportunity to trade right alongside a former CBOE floor trader and one of the most experienced options traders on the planet… from the comfort of your own home!

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