Weekly Update: March 6, 2017

| March 6, 2017

Weekly Update:  March 6, 2017


What To Watch

The markets are continuing to run and run and run.

After breaking through the 20,000 level, we quickly reached 21,000!  

The excitement over Trump’s stimulus plan and his attempt at tax reform is driving market momentum.  However, Janet Yellen and the Fed may throw that excitement for a loop.

The Fed is posturing towards rate increases… and that could throw a damper on the party.  

Despite the Fed, the trend is still going higher in the markets… so that’s what we’re going to stick with.

Our Target (TGT) options took a bath with the recent bad news from the company.  The stock traded down hard.  If you get the opportunity, exit your options with value.

The Twitter (TWTR) trade is holding steady.  I’m still expecting them to be a target of a potential takeover rumor to drive the stock higher!  Hold tight.



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