Weekly Update: June 5, 2017

| June 5, 2017

Weekly Update:  June 5, 2017


What To Watch

We are breaking to new highs on the market… this might be the start of a summer run.

Either way, we have some cleanup to do in the portfolio.

First, our GM puts have served us well.  Peak value was 143%… not a bad way to more than double your money!  If you still own these, sell and put the profits into something new.  These options expire this month.

Our Newmont Mining (NEM) calls expire this month as well.  We didn’t get the move we expected, so exit to conserve capital.

Our DOX trade is solidly in the money.  The stock is at new highs, and our option price is running.  We’re up 176% on the trade already and we still have some time.  Conservative traders take some money off the table.  Aggressive traders hold tight for more!

The TGT options we hold are not moving like we want.  The stock is stagnating.  We still have a few weeks for these options to move, but it’s not looking good.  Let’s see how the stock reacts to this recent market rally.

Our most recent trade – VZ is doing great.  The stock rallied above $46, driving our options to a peak gain of 181%.  Hold tight!

All in all, the portfolio is looking good.

Watch for a new trade next week!



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