Weekly Update: June 19, 2017

| June 19, 2017

Weekly Update:  June 19, 2017


What To Watch

I called it a few weeks ago… it looks like we’re seeing a summer rally… the market has been making new high after new high.

Despite the Fed hiking rates… which is normally bad for the market, we’re moving higher!  We’re going to work with the market trend higher and continue to trade on this positive momentum.

Let’s look at the portfolio…

Our DOX trade is holding solidly in the money.  Aggressive traders should be holding for bigger gains.  

The TGT options didn’t move like we wanted… if you still hold these, exit now to conserve capital.

VZ is doing great.  The stock rallied above $46, driving our options into the money!  The next move higher could explode the value of this trade… Hold tight!

The new trade, CSCO, is climbing steadily higher… we’re up a bit… keep holding tight.


One quick note… Next week, I’ll be traveling… so no trade alert Monday… Watch for a new trade the following week.


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