Weekly Update: July 10, 2017

| July 10, 2017

Weekly Update:  July 10, 2017


What To Watch

For the last few weeks, we’ve seen the market tread water.  The early part of June provided a surprise summer rally, right along with a Fed rate hike.

Funny, Trump can’t seem to shake the constant “Russian Problem” with a new round of revelations about secret meetings.  Will this be his downfall?  Who knows, but the press is loving every minute of it.

The markets are going to be slow for the next few weeks as summer vacation season pre-empts the normal focus of business. This is the time to take profits quickly… and cut losses even quicker!

Let’s look at the portfolio…

Our DOX trade is holding solidly in the money.  If you haven’t already, take your profits off the table… this option expires in just a few days.  

VZ had a nice rally up over $46 putting out options in the money… then systematically retreated.  Conservative investors showed a nice gain… but, if you’re still holding, exit this trade as it expires soon.

The CSCO trade retreated a bit… hold tight for now, as this option is good until August.

The newest trade is our WYNN call options.  The stock is up a bit since we rolled out the trade… the longer term uptrend is still in place… keep holding!

Watch for a new trade next week.



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