Weekly Update: January 23, 2017

| January 23, 2017

Weekly Update:  January 23, 2017


What To Watch

The big news this week… the Trump Inauguration.

There is nothing like the pomp and circumstance that we see in our nation’s capital.  

The entire market is sitting on its hands waiting to see what Trump does.  We’re also waiting to see more of the earnings for the big market moving companies.

Last week, we rolled out our top five picks all around the price of oil.  If you missed that pick, go back and take a look, you still have an opportunity to get into some of those trades!

Now, let’s look at the portfolio…


Portfolio Recap

Oil Prices…

If you look at a chart of oil, we’re flat over the last few days… we just rolled out a number of positions focused on the rise in oil prices.  


Keep your eye on oil prices, as that will be a big driver of our trades.


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