Weekly Update: February 21, 2017

| February 21, 2017

Weekly Update:  February 21, 2017


What To Watch

Yesterday was Presidents Day, and the markets were closed.

Today we’re looking at another strong open and the Trump rally continues!

One thing that’s of interest… the rally in the US Dollar.  Normally, this would push commodity prices lower… as the more expensive commodities depress demand.  But not this time.

We’re seeing Oil and Gold prices march higher… which is a strong sign the economy is strengthening.

Our Oil stocks are starting to climb… but we may have put this trade out too early.  If I was super aggressive, I’d look to double up on some of these positions as the longer term prices will continue to push higher.  But our newsletter isn’t set up for those types of trades.

It’s the flexibility you as an individual investor have.

Anyway, watch the commodities closely… they’re a good signal of economic and market strength.

No portfolio recap this week…

Watch for new trades next week!


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