Weekly Update: December 12, 2016

| December 12, 2016

Weekly Update:  December 12, 2016


What To Watch

The Trump rally is taking a breather at the moment… but the new year is quickly approaching and the Santa Clause rally might push us up even further!

Now talk of Dow 20,000 is leading the news cycle.

Remember, don’t buck the trend… you have no idea how long the rally will last.  So, go with the momentum.

This holiday season is looking really strong! And the new year is looking even stronger!

Now an IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our offices will be closed the last two weeks of the year…. Crazy I know.  What it means is our next update and trade will be out January 3rd.  I’m going to do a special write-up for the new year… so this will be an important update to focus on!

Keep an eye on our positions… and don’t be afraid to take profits or cut losses as the trade dictates.

I hope you have a happy and safe holidays – and new year.  See you in 2017.


Portfolio Recap

Position #1: Procter & Gamble Company (PG) Jan 20th $87.50 Calls

This week PG finally started climbing back.  After bottoming at $82, the stock moved back up… I think we could see it reach its old highs before the end of the year… lots of time still on this one.


Position #2: Dicks Sporting Goods  (DKS) Jan 20th $60 Calls

DKS jumped over $62 a few days ago… then pulled back.  I’m expecting this set of options to push higher into the end of the year.  If we get a move over $65, remember to take profits!  So far peak gains are 62%.


Position #3: Smith & Wesson  (SWHC) Mar 17th $22 Calls

SWHC continues to look weak… watch it closely, and if we don’t see a rebound, exit to conserve capital.


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