US Steel Options (X): Unusual Trading Activity

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United States Steel (X) CallsOptions in steel giant United States Steel (X) experienced quite a large amount of unusual trading activity yesterday.

As X closed the day at $31.37, the overall options activity showed a staggering 46,000 contracts change hands.  That’s nearly 5 times the normal activity for US Steel.

And just about 35,000 of these options indicated bullish activity.

Option traders came in buying mainly the 31, 32, and 33 strike calls for March and April’s expiration.  The prices ranged from $0.16 for March calls to $.83 for April Calls.  When we see option buying under $1.00, it almost always reflects speculative buying.

However, that’s not all.  Another large trade in X was also spotted on our tracking system.

This was the sale of over 7,000 contracts of the April 31 strike put options for $1.30.

These option sellers obviously believe that US Steel stock will remain above $31 by April’s expiration.  If so, they’ll get to keep the whopping $910,000 in premiums they collected.

This unusual activity came on the heels of news that steel demand in China is slowing considerably.

However, I believe this news was overblown.

In fact, an analyst from Morgan Stanley came out yesterday and said, “The sentiment in the Chinese steel markets is improving and mills are gradually raising prices as inventories decline.”  This is certainly positive news for steel makers.

The upshot of all this is option traders believe there’s a unique opportunity to take advantage of some overblown news.  We’ll see how it all plays out!

Another general observation– it’s definitely been a bullish week in the options market this week!  I say this because that’s what most of the unusual options trading activity is reflecting.  Remember, bullish activity means option traders think a stock is going to rise in value.

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