Trade Summary: July 17, 2017

| July 17, 2017

July 17, 2017


Trade Rationale

Alright, the summer is in full swing.

Just last week I took a few days off and spent some time at the cabin to disconnect, and think.

Right now, the summer is hot… but the economy is getting hotter.  The amount of construction, building, and growth we are seeing is amazing…

I’m looking at the growth in housing, and then looking at the remainder of summer.  We are quickly approaching the September and October crazy days.  If we see volatility, investors will run for safety…

And what’s better than a big bank showing massive profits.

I like both Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase.  Full disclosure, I have accounts at both banks… and you probably do too!

Let’s grab some call options to profit as these stock prices rise!

Here are the trade ideas…


Trade Details

#1) Buy Wells Fargo (WFC) Jan 18th 2018  $57.50 Calls up to $1.90

Watch for this stock to move higher towards the end of the year. Exit for a profit if the stock runs to $60 or $65.  Conserve capital at $50 and $48.

Wells Fargo

#2) Buy JP Morgan Chase (JPM) Jan 18th 2018 $95 Calls up to $3.60

Watch for this stock to rally higher… exit on the upside at $97 or $99.  For downside protection, exit at $87 or $85.

JP Morgan Chase


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