Trade Summary: January 23, 2017

| January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017


Trade Rationale

This week, all eyes have been on Washington with the inauguration.

We still haven’t crossed 20K on the Dow, but the news organizations are keeping a close watch on the markets!

Economic data continues to look strong… corporate profits are strong (with more expected over the next few weeks… and unemployment is falling.

With the economy staying strong, let’s take a close look at the retailers… I have a feeling we’ll see more strength in these stocks.

So let’s get long a handful of retail movers…


Trade Details

#1) Buy Best Buy (BBY) Mar 17th $45 Calls up to $1.45

We want BBY to move higher… Profit exit points are $47 and $49.  Exit at $41 or $40 to conserve capital.

Best Buy

#2) Buy Tiffany (TIF) May 19th $85 Calls up to $2.45

Take profits if TIF trades above $84, or for aggressive traders, $86.  For risk control, the conservative exit level is $72.  Lastly, $70 is the final exit level for aggressive traders.


#3) Buy GNC Holdings (GNC) Mar 17th $7.50 Puts up to $0.50

GNC has had problems… and I think the impact hasn’t been accounted for.   Profit levels are $7.50 and $6.50, conserve capital at $11 or $12.

GNC Holdings


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