Sell Alert: October 17, 2012

| October 17, 2012

Sell Alert:  October 17, 2012


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Sell our SkyWest (SKYW) November $10 Calls for $1.45 or better



We bought SKYW calls because I felt the stock was oversold after the company released not-so-bad news.  The 6% drop certainly seemed overdone for an airline actually increasing passenger boardings in September.

Turns out we made the right call!

Just a week later, SkyWest shares are back to where they started before the selloff.  Transportation stocks have started to gain momentum and good companies like SKYW are finding buyers.

We’re right at a resistance level so let’s go ahead and lock in our profits.  At these levels, we’re looking at a stellar 53% gain in under a week.

Sell your SKYW calls now.  Congratulations on another good trade.


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