Sell Alert: November 9, 2012

| November 9, 2012

Sell Alert:  November 9, 2012


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Sell Boeing (BA) December 2012 $72.50 Calls for $2.05 or better



Well, yesterday I said my exit target in BA was around $72 per share.  And, that’s precisely where we are today.

As much time as we have left on our calls, it’s tempting to hold on to our position.  However, as you can see below, BA is sitting right at the 200-day moving – a very important resistance level.  As such, I don’t expect the stock to go much higher in the near future.

Besides, if we sell now we’re capturing at least 111% gains.  That’s quite the haul in just one week’s time.

Let’s sell our BA calls now and lock in big profits.


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