Sell Alert: November 2, 2012

| November 2, 2012

Sell Alert:  November 2, 2012


Trade Details

Sell Caterpillar (CAT) November 2012 $87.50 Calls for $1.05 or better



Well, we got the better than expected jobs report we were looking for… and then profit taking ensued.  It looks like investors are still a little gun shy after everything going on in the market the past couple weeks.  Missed earnings, Sandy, the election – plenty of reasons for volatility.

That’s okay.  We took a high probability shot at huge returns and it didn’t quite work out.  Still, we’re going to capture 33% gain or better with this trade.  There’s nothing wrong with that.

Let’s take our profits on CAT and sell the calls before time decay starts eating away at our gains.


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