Sell Alert: November 19, 2014

| November 19, 2014

Sell Alert:  November 19, 2014


Trade Details

Sell Splunk (SPLK) November 22nd 59 Puts for $1.50 or better



The SPLK trade has come down to the wire, with expiration just two days away. This trade is a good example of why you can’t give up on options on volatile stocks. Yes, you have to pay more for volatility, but this is why. A day ago, we were ready to give up on this trade. However, today the stock has made a substantial down move towards the 200-day moving average… and our strike. I’m listing the sell price at $1.50, because the bid/ask spread is very wide. But, you should be able to get a better price than that (unless the stock reverses before you receive this sell alert).

Sell your SPLK puts here. We’re locking in gains of at least of 2.7%.


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