Sell Alert: May 3, 2013

| May 3, 2013

Sell Alert:  May 3, 2013


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Sell Weatherford International (WFT) June 2013 $12 Calls for $1.85 or better



That’s what we were looking for!

Although there were no major surprises in WFT earnings, the company’s showing solid revenue growth and consistent earnings.  And don’t forget, Weatherford still has very strong operating cash flow.  The news was good enough for investors to pile into the shares.

Even better, the overall market is getting a huge boost from the April jobs number, which came in much better than expected.

All in all, it’s been a great day for the stock, which is up almost 9% as of this writing.  More importantly, our calls are over 100% winners.  Let’s sell here and collect the profits!


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