Sell Alert: June 26, 2013

| June 26, 2013

Sell Alert:  June 26, 2013


Trade Details

Sell Pandora Media (P) July $16 Calls for $1.80 or better



Despite the pullback in the broad market, shares in Pandora have spiked higher.  With the sharp move upward, our calls are now big winners.

P got a nice boost from a major piece of good news.  The company reported stronger than expected auto-based listenership.  It’s seen more than 2.5 million unique activations from its partnerships with 23 car brands.  The popular music service is now streaming in more than 100 vehicle models.

With the stock trading well above the key moving averages, we’re going to lock in our profits.  Sell now and collect gains of 100%.


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