Sell Alert: January 24, 2013

| January 24, 2013

Sell Alert:  January 24, 2013


Trade Details

Sell (AMZN) February 2013 $300 Calls for $2.60 or better



I debated about holding on to AMZN since we’ve had the trade on for less than a day.  Plus earnings aren’t until next week.  But, it’s hard to do better than 102% gains in less than one day!

AMZN shares are up roughly 3% as of this writing.  Some of the move is due to huge earnings from Netflix (NFLX).  Additionally, Amazon announced the purchase of IVONA Software, a speech recognition company.   This could be a prelude to new and exciting features for the company’s Kindle product line.

This is simply too big of a gain to let pass us by.  Let’s collect on our huge one-day winner and sell our AMZN calls here.


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