Sell Alert: December 18, 2013

| December 18, 2013

Sell Alert:  December 18, 2013


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Sell Dominion Resources (D) December $65 Puts for $1.55 or better



It’s come down to the wire, but it looks like D is finally going to test that $63 level again.  Unfortunately, the options expire tomorrow so we can’t wait any longer to see if the share price keeps moving lower.  Let’s sell our puts now, as we don’t want to exercise the options (which expire tomorrow) and get long the stock.

I’m using $1.55 as the sell price because the bid/ask spread is very wide as of this writing.  However, you may be able to get a better price than that.  Regardless, make sure you sell out before tomorrow.  A $1.55 closing price would work out to 6.9% gains.


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