Sell Alert: April 29, 2013

| April 29, 2013

Sell Alert:  April 29, 2013


Trade Details

Sell Deere & Company (DE) May 2013 $87.50 Calls for $2.75 or better



What a huge day for DE!  The stock’s up over 4% as of this writing.

At these levels, our calls are 100% winners! 

A reversal in grain prices today is helping push the outlook higher for farm machinery companies like DE.  Plus, as I expected, DE was setup technically for a big move higher.  There’s only so long you can keep a great company like Deere depressed.

Given the technical breakthrough of the stock, this is a good time to sell.  We’ve bolted past the 20-day and 50-day moving average.  Let’s sell here and collect our fantastic gains.


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