Sell Alert: April 17, 2014

| April 17, 2014

Sell Alert:  April 17, 2014


Trade Details

Sell Verizon (VZ) April $47 Calls for $0.45 or better (or any price above zero)



VZ dropped about a buck on the day I wanted to sell (due to overall market action) and it put us in a tough position.  Because of the short week (due to Good Friday), expiration is after today’s close – and we’ve run out of time.  We need to sell out of these calls regardless of price because we don’t want to the options to be exercised and become long the stock.

As such, sell your VZ calls at any price above zero.  Fortunately, despite the poor timing of the market selloff, we’re able to salvage some decent value out of these options.


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