Let Me Show You How To Turn $2,000 Into $1.7 Million In Ten Short Months – Making Only 5 Trades

Think that’s BS?  You could have done it using our actual recommendations and you can do it again – even if you’re a novice.

We currently are accepting new members at a price so low that the spots will fill quickly – don’t be the one we have to turn away.

Dear Investor:

Most average investors are not aware of us, but since you are reading this, we are certain you are not average.

We represent a small group of traders that have been lied to and cheated by Wall Street.  Our members got tired of playing in a market that is rigged against them.

If you feel you are at the top of your game, then read no further.  But, if you feel like the deck is stacked against you in the money game, then we have the answer for you.

Ours is not a common household name, and we prefer to remain low-key, but our intention is pure:  to accumulate serious wealth.

Our group consists of not only novices, but also wealthy and knowledgeable investors.  They come from diverse backgrounds and have much different life experiences, but they all have one thing in common:  they know that options can make them a lot of money – very quickly.

Each member of the group was invited the same way you are being invited.  Of course, they were skeptical, just like you, but they read this letter and decided to try us out.

How are they doing?  The group is very tight-lipped.  They do not want people to know how much money they are making – the opposite is true, they want no notoriety, and the truth be known, they probably don’t really want any new members.  But people drop out for various reasons, and that is why you are being invited.

Our group was started with one goal in mind:  to ensure that each of our members has a chance to accumulate wealth.  Our members are not satisfied to invest in stocks and sit back and hope the market treats them well.  They want another way to make money quickly, with minimum downside risk.  Our service offers that and more.

Before we go on, I would ask one favor of you – please keep this information to yourself – it is meant for you and you only.  Whatever you decide to do, please do not talk about it among your friends.  We want to maintain the exclusivity of the group.

With that in mind, let’s get started.

The stock market’s unprecedented march upward is setting up a scenario for a crash of historic proportions.  2008 was excruciating and wiped out not only individual investors, but also entire financial institutions – remember Lehman Brothers? This market is poised to make that crash look like nothing.  If this possibility makes you a little nervous about being invested totally in stocks, then you need to accept my invitation to join our exclusive group of traders.

Our group not only looks forward to the crash, they can’t wait for the crash.

You see, options traders – real options traders – crave market volatility and fast action because that is where the big money is made.

A major market crash is feared by all investors that have stocks as the bulk of their holdings – and for good reason.  Stock investors have crawled out of the hole created by the last crash and are just now beginning to feel comfortable with the market.  It is this comfort and apathy that cause investors to become complacent – and that spells danger.

Just take a moment and think back on how many times the market has dived, wiping out all of your gains and more.  How many times have you had to rebuild your portfolio?  We are approaching that exact period in the market and investors are once again about to have the rug pulled out from underneath them.

I believe the upcoming stock market crash will provide the greatest opportunity to make money since the financial collapse of 2008.  

Before I explain how I outwit the market every time, let me tell you a story about a friend of mine.

Mark was just like most of us.  He worked hard at his job as a facilities manager of a medium sized company in Mission Viejo, CA.  Mark made a decent salary – $85,000 per year, but even with that, he was not getting rich – not by a long shot.  After taxes, his take home pay was about $2400 every two weeks.

Mark was married and had two wonderful children, ages 10 and 12.  Like most families in Southern California, he lived in a big beautiful home and had two newer vehicles, a BMW and a Dodge mini-van.  He also had a fishing boat and two dirt bikes.

Mark had obtained a mortgage with nothing down and interest-only payments.  His monthly mortgage payment was about $2300 per month – almost one entire paycheck.  His payment for both cars was $650 per month and the boat payment was $200.  Other expenses were the norm – utilities, homeowners association, food, upkeep, etc., etc.  At the end of the month, Mark was lucky to have enough to take his family out to a nice dinner.

Mark had a 401(k) plan at work and he contributed the minimum amount to get the company match.  Within the 401(k) were a selection of mutual funds to invest in and Mark took the advice of one of his co-workers as to which ones were the best.

Meanwhile, the stock market was doing very well.  People were getting used to 20% annual returns and everyone at work bragged about how much they were making in the market.  But Mark’s portfolio wasn’t getting anywhere and he was getting tired of hearing all his buddies tell each other how great they were doing.

It was about this time that he heard one of the guys mention options trading.  Mark listened to his stories about how exciting and easy it was to make a killing trading options.

One day Mark approached his friend and asked him about how he might learn more about options.  His friend laughed and told him he didn’t need to know anything, just call his trusted broker and let him place some trades for him.

Mark called the broker and had a very promising conversation.  The broker urged Mark to take a loan from his 401(k) and use the cash to buy a few options contracts.  Mark agreed and arranged for the maximum amount he could withdraw – 50% of his balance.  Mark’s 401 was worth about $60,000 at the time, so he took a loan of $30,000 and opened a margin account with the broker.

The market was on a tear, so the broker placed trade orders for a number of different call options with an expiration date of 45 days.  Everything was going well, the market was heading up and the options were gaining value.

Fifteen days before the expiration of the options contracts, the market stalled and headed downward.  Mark’s broker called him with the bad news.  “Your contracts expire in about 12 days and they are now worth less than you paid for them.”  “You can wait and hope the market reverses or you can sell them now before they expire worthless.”

Mark was stunned.  He spoke with his friend and his friend advised him to hang on, as this market was just experiencing a temporary downturn and was about to head back up.  The market continued downward and Mark’s options expired with no value.  The $30,000 that took him years to save had evaporated in 45 days.

Mark was too embarrassed and too scared to break it to his wife that he had lost half of their savings.  This is where Mark made another classic mistake.  He decided the only way to get that money back would be to buy more options to make up the loss.

Since he had already borrowed the maximum, he had no choice but to cash out the remainder of his 401.  Mark was only 44 at the time – under the magic age of 59 ½ where you can withdraw without a penalty from the IRS.  So, Mark cashed out and put the balance in his margin account.

Mark called his broker who advised him that since the market was still headed south, he should buy some put options to take advantage of the drop.  The broker placed an order for several put contracts with 30-day expirations, effectively spending the rest of the money in the margin account.

Things were looking good as the market continued to go down.  But then, as suddenly as it had dropped, it now started back up.  Two weeks after buying the put options, the market had gained over 200 points.  Mark stood by and watched his contracts plummet and then expire worthless.

With the market on another tear upward, interest rates began to rise.  Mark’s mortgage payment readjusted and was now $3,000 per month.  At the end of the year, Mark’s accountant called him with more bad news.  “In preparing your tax return, I see you withdrew all of your money from your 401(k.).”  “All of that money is taxable, which means you’ll owe around $16,800 in taxes and of course a 10% penalty for withdrawing before age 59 ½.”

Fast-forward two years.  Mark lost his house and had to sell his BMW and boat – both at substantial losses.   He now rents a three-bedroom apartment in Mission Viejo for $2400 per month.  His credit cards are maxed out; he has no money in savings and is struggling to make ends meet.  The IRS has garnished his paycheck and he is forced to pay back taxes and penalties. He has talked about the possibility of filing bankruptcy.

Think Mark’s story is unusual?  Not at all.  Every year there are thousands of people that lose everything by speculating on investments they have no business messing with.  I have watched options traders sitting at their desks with their head in their hands as they realize they just lost everything.  I personally know of several guys that lost their homes, their businesses, and their families – it’s tragic.

What’s really sad about all of this is that it is totally preventable.  By using smart trading techniques and sticking to a strict discipline, happy endings actually do happen.  I know – I see it every day.

So Where Did Mark Go Wrong?

Mark made several classic mistakes:

  1. He listened to a co-worker for financial advice
  2. He entered an investment he knew nothing about
  3. He spent money he could not afford to lose
  4. He tried to “double down” to make up his losses
  5. He let an unknown broker do the trading for him
  6. He had no strategy – no pre-established exit point

What About You?

You may have already subscribed to either a newsletter or an advisory service of some sort and most likely you’ve been disappointed or you wouldn’t be reading this letter.  That is a good thing.  You have learned to be skeptical about the market and you are determined not to let another crash take you by surprise.  That’s a great thing.

You probably have dreams just like my friend Mark.  You want a nice house, nice cars, maybe a boat or motorcycle.  You also want to build a nice portfolio so that you can retire in comfort.  You don’t want to have to work in retirement, you want to do what you want and travel when you want, without having to worry about running out of money.   You probably have some stocks, maybe some mutual funds, and a 401(k) at work.  You have a mortgage and a nice family.

You most likely also know that you have a limited time to accumulate wealth before you retire.

So, how do you go about accumulating a lot of wealth in a short period of time?  There is really only one legal way:  options.

When I mention options to a group of people in a social gathering, I inevitably get raised eyebrows and comments like, “they are too risky,”  “they’re too complicated” or something negative.  But I love those responses – they tell me that the average person does not understand options, because if they did, they would flood the market.

To me, options are a means to an end.  They have provided me a lifestyle that allows me to travel when I want, buy what I want, and trade from wherever I happen to be.

I have seen ordinary people get rich from options and accumulate staggering amounts of money in the blink of an eye.  And if you think that is a bunch of pie-in-the-sky, you are mistaken.  It can be done, and it is done every single day – quietly, behind the scenes.  I know because I have seen it done and I have done it.

Can you do it?  The answer is Yes – and No. 

No, you cannot do it if you do not have an established plan of action – including never paying too much for an option premium and having a definite exit strategy.

You cannot do it unless you have a friend or partner to coach you and mentor you until you are comfortable and are having successful trades.

But – you can do it if you have realistic expectations, have a coach or mentor, and have a written plan of action.

Hi!  My name is Gordon Lewis.  I have been a professional options trader for over two decades. I have traded every type of option strategy known to man, crazy stuff like Straddles, Condor Spreads, Butterfly Spreads, Christmas Trees, and more.  But for this new trading service, I decided that simplicity is a must, so I limit all trades to basic puts or calls.

Our Goals

We formed our trading group with several goals in mind:

  1. To keep it simple – puts and calls only, no crazy straddles or spreads
  2. To only recommend options that cost less than $3.00
  3. To have expiration dates 2-4 months out – no quick expirations
  4. To recommend options at-the-money or close to the money

So how have we performed?

We formed the group just over one year ago – February of 2014.  For the remainder of the year, we sent our members 69 recommendations.  Of those, almost 40% were triple digit winners, and two of them topped out at over 400% returns!

In just the first 6 months of the service, here is how we did:

Of the 16 triple digit recommendations:

Are all of our recommendations winners?

Of course there will always be some recommendations that don’t go as planned, but we will notify you of an exit strategy when this happens.

How many did we have?  Of the 69 recommendations, we had two that were losers.  How’s that for a good track record?  But, just for a minute, let’s talk about you, and what you could stand to gain from being a member.

Take a moment to dream with me here.

Imagine you started with a $2,000 trading account in February 2014.  Had you entered just five of our triple digit recommendations at our suggested entry level and sold at the high, here is a scenario of what you might have ended up with had you let your winners ride.

Trade #1
2-10  Buy EXC calls @ $1.40 ($2,000 ÷ $140 = 14 contracts) = cost $1960
4-9    Sell EXC calls @ $6.22 = $8708 + $40 cash left in account = $8748 Balance

Trade #2
5-5  Buy ICE calls @ $2.25 ($8748 ÷ $225 = 38 contracts) =  cost $8550
5-9  Sell ICE calls @ $6.80 = $25,840 + $198 cash bal = $26,038 Balance

Trade #3
6-2    Buy SCTY calls @ $2.75 ($26,038 ÷ $275 = 94 contracts) =  cost $25,850
6-18  Sell SCTY calls @ $13.95 = $131,130 + $188 cash bal = $131,318 Balance

Trade #4
7-14  Buy SUNE calls @ $2.40 ($131,318 ÷ $240 = 547 contracts) = cost $131,280
10-13 Sell SUNE calls @ $8.45 = $462,215 + $38 cash bal = $462,253

Trade #5
11-17 Buy WAG calls @ $2.10 ($462,253 ÷ $210 = 2201 contracts) cost = $462,210
12-15 Sell WAG calls @ 8.15 = $1,793,815 + $43 cash bal = $1,793,858.00

And there you have it – in less than one year, using just 5 of our actual 69 recommendations, you could have turned a $2,000 account into just shy of $1.8 million.

Let that sink in for a minute and think about what a life changer it would be…

And keep in mind, this is using only 5 trades out of the 69 trades we recommended!

Even two or three of these trades could have given you a nice cushion of cash for your bank account.

And remember, with options, you decide the amount of money you want to risk. The only amount you can lose is the cost of the option premium, but your upside potential is unlimited. 



Obviously, no one sells their investments at the highest price every single time. But in my opinion, it is valuable to know the potential of each trade so you get an idea of performance. By using ‘highest price’, you an idea of what our recommendations are truly capable of.

It’s simple, really…

The ‘buy price’ is the midway point between the bid and ask price of the option on the day I make the recommendation. The ‘highest price reached’ is the highest value of the option by either actual trade or ask price during the life of the option contract. ‘Gain/Loss’ is calculated using these two values.


Okay, so I think you are getting the picture.  Now let me explain exactly what you can expect when you join our group of traders.

First of all, right after you sign up, we will send you email links to three of our free reports:

    1. Quick Start Guide.

Our guide will explain to you how we select our recommendations, how the service works, tips and tricks on how to squeeze more profits out of trades, and exactly what to expect.

    1. Options 101 Trading Guide

Here is where we show you step by step how trading options really works. This guide is invaluable – if you are new, it will give you a clear understanding of how to place trade orders and how to sell.  If you are an experienced trader, this guide will serve as a refresher course.

    1. Special Report – “Inside the Mind of a Professional Market Maker.”

Since I was a professional market maker, I relay to you the thought process behind successful options trades.  The report is in-depth and is unlike any you’ll find out there.  This report will take your understanding to a higher level and will elevate you from just an average trader to an experienced trader with an edge.

After you’ve received the special reports, we will begin sending you 3 recommended trades every other Monday.  These trade recommendations will include all the information you need to place an intelligent trade, and we will always include an exit strategy to give you peace of mind.

I will also give you different exit strategies depending on your risk tolerance.  This way it doesn’t matter if you want a conservative trade or an aggressive trade – I’ve got you covered.

On the Mondays when you do not receive a trade recommendation, I will send you a portfolio update, showing how each of our positions is doing and the recommended action for you to take.

Everything is delivered via email so that you are receiving fresh, extremely timely information.  No snail mail here – you get the information as I release it.

You also will be given full access to our members-only website where you can see all of our past trades, the performance table, as well as reports available to you.

Okay, let’s summarize this and get to the offer.

This is my one and only goal: – To make you money and limit your risk.  Period.

Remember What You Will Get:

How About The Cost?

Before we priced our service, we checked some other competition.

Most were shockingly expensive.  We found four that charged $195 per month.  Three that charged $295 per month, one that charged $595 per month, two that charged $795 per month and one that charged a whopping $1,495 per month!

But I insisted that we make our service affordable to those of us that are ordinary working stiffs.  Now mind you, we could have easily appealed to the snobs out there, but that was not what I wanted to do. You see, I started at the bottom and was able to be successful and I want you to be able to be successful also.

My editors first suggested $1,200 per year.  I said no.  Then they suggested $1,000 per year.  I said no.  We eventually agreed upon $895 per year – about $75 per month.  But, I said $895 was okay only after someone had reached a success level that made the price seem ridiculously low.

For all the rest – those people trying our service for the first time – I insisted on a price so low that everyone can afford it.

So, Here Is The Deal:

You get EVERYTHING for $149 – not per month, but PER QUARTER.  That works out to a little under $50 per month!

Or, if you sign up for a year of service, I’ll discount the price to $499 for the full year.  That works out to about $42 per month!  That is an unbelievable deal – one which I cannot guarantee will continue.  But for now, my editors have agreed, and you can still get this deal.

Please Note: Since we are offering such a drastic discount, we ask that you stick with the service for a full quarter – therefore – no refunds during the trial quarter.  After the trial quarter, if you do not want to continue, please email us and we simply cancel your future service – no questions asked. This is a limited time offer so please act quickly.

What If You Don’t Like Our Service?

Options trading is not for everyone and we realize that some people are going to want out of the service – heck, that’s why you are being invited in the first place.

But, I am going to stick my neck out and make you the good old Godfather proposal: I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

If you sign up for one year of service, I will guarantee that we will hit TEN winning trades of 100% or more – or I will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

To put it simply:  You either make money with my service, or you don’t pay.

I cannot make this price offer any better, and I cannot make the guarantee any better – this is the best of the best.  I don’t want unhappy traders.

Okay, it’s time for you to make the next move.  And that move could be the one that finally changes your life.  You will never know unless you try us out – and with my rock solid guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose. 

Don’t procrastinate – don’t over think it – “Just Do It” – before the price goes away.

Secure Your Spot in The Advanced Options Adviser Service with Performance Money Back Guarantee

Add To Cart

$149/quarter or $499/yr


Gordon Lewis
Managing Editor – Advanced Options Adviser

P.S.  The new Federal Reserve Chairwoman, Janet Yellen, has changed the language about the possibility of an interest rate hike.  She says instead of the Fed remaining patient, they will revisit the issue of a rate hike on a meeting-by-meeting basis.  When the raise happens, you will see volatility like you have never seen.  Volatility is what makes options so exciting.  Our members will have opportunities for huge profits – don’t miss out on what could be a blockbuster year for trading.



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Your Advanced Options Adviser fee is fully refundable after 12 months if this service has not delivered 10 winning trades of +100% or more over that 12 month period, as calculated by us using our normal performance tracking methodology. This offer is only available to new subscribers and applies only to the first 12 months of any subscription. Subscribers must contact us within the first 30 days after the initial 12 month period to request a refund. Quarterly Subscriptions are not Eligible for this Performance Guarantee.

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