Our readers have been making huge profits from the options market and you can too.


One former market maker’s option trading system has been making our readers wealthy.

Just by his understanding how the financial news will affect the options market and how to use that information…

The man behind this system has produced returns of 415%, 407%, and 344% for our readers.


My name is Dan Harris.

I am the editor of one of the largest newsletters on option trading on the planet.

If you are like me, you see the value in being a successful option trader. Never has an investment vehicle offered this much potential to everyday investors.

Imagine if you could find a system that would let you profit off options.

I’m not talking about a win every now and then. I am talking about consistent profits that would have a real effect on your quality of life.


Finding a system that produces regular consistent profits is the goal of options traders all over the world.

In my years covering option trading, I have seen it all – every major system, program and scam artist promising to show readers how to profit from options.

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you that a vast majority of them were worthless garbage!

Everyone’s an “expert”

In the option trading world, “experts” come and go every year. This year’s guru is next year’s has been.

When I first heard about Gordon Lewis and his system, I thought he was just another success story that would be gone tomorrow.

“The Options market is growing. Every day over 300 million stock options are actively traded”

– Forbes Magazine

The more I looked into Gordon, the more interested I got. He wasn’t just some option trader who had come from out of nowhere.

He had a 20-year career in the options market. He spent most of that time working on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, which is the center of the options trading universe. However, he wasn’t just a trader he was a market maker!

A market maker sets the price of every single option traded on the exchange. For every stock traded, there are hundreds of options.

On any given day, a market maker will trade more options than a “guru” would trade in a year.

One mistake by a market maker could cost his company thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars!

When I first met Gordon, I wanted to know if he lived up to his reputation.

What he showed me blew me away!

When we first sat down, I assumed Gordon would pitch me his “can’t miss” options that were going to go up in value in the next couple of weeks. After all, that’s what every other “guru” I have ever met has done.

Gordon had a different plan. When I asked him what option trades he liked he laughed. “You’re asking the wrong question” he said, “you are asking what when what you really want to know is why”.

Gordon then started to explain how he trades options. As he explained his system, I was amazed!

Gordon explained, “The major problem option traders have is the speed of the market. They think because options are so cheap and can move so fast they need to focus on the option price and volatility to get that quick spike.”

Gordon explained the risk involved when you think about trading like this. “You will get an occasional quick hit but this doesn’t produce the type of results you need to be successful for 20 years.”

Gordon’s way of trading is different. It’s called theme trading. Don’t worry if that sounds complicated or risky. The reality is that this system is a lot simpler and safer for people who know how to use it.

How theme trading works

To be a successful option trader, you need to pick a stock that will move up in value or down in value based on whether you are buying a put or call option (more on that later).

This leads to the age-old question, “How do I know what stocks are going to be going up or down in value?”

The information you need is all around you

When I asked Gordon what his secret was, I expected him to talk about some type of “propriety option picking software” that he spent years developing.

Instead, he pulled out the local newspaper and started looking at the financial news section.

He explained how the information you needed was right there. All you needed to know was how to look at what was happening in the world.

“It all comes down to cause and effect,” Gordon said. “For example, when a commodity is historically underpriced, that is a good opportunity for option investors to profit.”

That is exactly how Gordon clued our readers in to an opportunity waiting to happen. On Feb 2, 2015, he noticed that copper prices were at the lowest they had been since 2010 due to the Chinese economy slowing down. He knew copper prices were going to correct itself so he recommended our readers buy Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) call options that produced a 369% profit for our investors!

Or how about on March 2, 2015, when Gordon noticed several tech stocks were undervalued even though the market was doing well. He recommended our readers should buy calls for an internet company called Travel Zoo (TZOO). Soon after his recommendation, the rest of the market realized what Gordon already knew and those options provided our readers a nice 321% profit!

Sometimes the news is as simple as the weather changing! This was the reason on May 11 of this year Gordon recommended readers buy Starbucks (SBUX) calls because he knew summer was coming and people would be traveling and buying expensive coffee! Was he right? Yes – to the tune of a 300% profit for our readers!

Now obviously it isn’t as simple as reading the newspaper and picking an option to buy.

“The Devil is in the details”

There is a ton of homework involved. Gordon needs to find the right stock that will move because of a particular trend and he needs to find the right option to buy. It is a very involved process.

Luckily Gordon has over 20 years of experience!

As our meeting stretched on, Gordon explained his system in more detail and I got more excited and nervous.

I was excited because I knew Gordon was the perfect guy to advise our readers on what options to buy, but I was nervous because I was worried he would be too busy making money for himself to want to work with us.

When I brought up the possibility of him working with us, I was surprised by his response. He was very excited by the opportunity.

He told me one of his goals in life was to prove what he had believed for years –

“Options are the single greatest investment vehicle that average investors are being scared away from.”

Gordon was passionate about educating average investors about the opportunities to invest in options. Opportunities they are denying themselves because of the half-truths they “know”.

The half-truths all everyday investor “know”

If you have ever invested in options before or have ever spoken to anyone about options, you hear the same half-truths over and over.

Half-truth Number 1

Options are too risky – I have heard this one a million times and I still don’t know what it means. Too risky compared to what? Getting weak returns year after year with “safe” investments and having them all wiped out in the blink of an eye? Do options contain some risk? Sure, but so does every investment. The key is to minimize your risk and maximize your upside potential.

Half-truth Number 2

Investing in options is too complicated – This too is a half-truth. Investing in options is no more complicated than buying and selling stocks. There are a few more terms to learn but it isn’t difficult. There are incredibly complicated option trading systems out there but this isn’t one of them. If you can buy and sell stocks, you can do this.

Half-truth Number 3

Buy and Hold is the way to get rich – This half-truth has been around forever. Buy and hold can work if you have a lot of money to put in the market and can afford not touch it for years (maybe even decades). You have to PRAY that when you are ready to retire that money will still be there.

When you hear these half-truths, you never hear the huge benefits an option investor has built into every single trade.

Options have some amazing benefits

Benefit #1 – Lower Cost

To buy 100 shares of a stock similar to Facebook would cost you almost $10,000, but buying options that will let you control 100 Facebook shares will cost you almost nothing.

Benefit #2 – Leverage

With the small amount of money it requires to buy an option, it allows you to control a large amount of shares. This means when the stock produces a small profit, the option goes up a lot more!

Benefit #3 – Profiting From an Up or Down Market

Buying stocks can work great when the market is going up, but if you want to profit when the market is going down, you are limited. If you try to sell short a stock in order to profit, you are exposing yourself to unlimited risk. When you invest in options, you can safely profit from an up or down market.

These benefits have allowed our readers to cash in on profits like…

SUBX July puts – went from 1.35 to 6.95… a +415% profit

SCTY July puts – went from 2.75 to 13.95… a +407% profit

EXC July calls – went from 1.40 to 6.22… a +344% profit

WAG Jan calls – went from 2.10 to 8.15… a +288% profit

CHRW Jan calls – went from 1.60 to 5.40… a +238% profit

SUNE Sept puts – went from 2.40 to 8.45… a +252% profit

SCTY July puts – went from 1.90 to 6.30… a +243% profit

As we discussed, in this new adviser service we were going to create, Gordon wanted to make sure one thing was going to be made clear to our readers.

“This isn’t just about quick hits. This is about producing consistent profits.”

We buy options that have a 3 to 6 month expiration date.

This may seem strange because many options services are looking for quick trades and that is one of the most exciting benefits when it comes to trading options- they can move fast!

Don’t get me wrong, we have had our share of quick hits that have made our readers big profits.


When Gordon recommended LNG Sept 70 Calls, they went from $2.05 to $5.00. That is a profit of +144% in 11 days!


CAT Sept 80 puts that Gordon recommended to subscribers made them a profit of 264% in 14 days!


The ICE June 190 puts that cost $2.25 and jumped to $6.80. That’s a profit of 202% in just 4 days!

“True Option Strategies are not get rich schemes”

– Options Industry Council

Quick hits are exciting, however all too often when traders buy short-term options, they expire worthless before the stock has a chance to move. Gordon’s system looks to minimize the risk of that happening.


Advanced Options Adviser was born

When we decided to create this service, Gordon had one overall guiding idea.

If a new subscriber had never heard of options, we could have him making money trading options in one day.

To make sure you can start trading as quickly as possible, even if you have never traded options before, when you join Advanced Options Adviser, you will get everything listed below.

Right at the beginning when you join, you will receive access to:

What all of this will cost

Before we priced our service, we checked some other option newsletters.

We were shocked at what they were charging!  $195 per month, $295, per month, $595 per month, $795 per month and up to as high as $1,495 per month!

I understand the temptation to maximize your profit by maximizing the price but one of Gordon’s driving goals was to help average investors.

With price points like that, average investors can’t afford to subscribe!

So after a lot of back and forth between Gordon and myself, we decided on a price point of only $149 per quarter (3 months)!

Keeping it simple – No contract!

Here is the deal- we are keeping it as simple as possible. You only have to pay as long as you subscribe. The minute you are unsatisfied with our service you can email to cancel and you don’t owe us anything more. This is extremely powerful motivation for us to make you money. Why?

The simple reality is our business model only works if you are not just happy to stay a subscriber, but you are THRILLED and want to stay subscribed to our service for years to come!

The reality is we can’t afford for subscribers to only sign up for one month. This newsletter is too expensive to produce!

This is your chance!

Life is full of a million choices. How our life turns out depends on the choices we make.

This is your chance to choose a better life for you and your family.

Secure Your Spot in The Advanced Options Adviser service by clicking the Add To Cart button below.

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