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For as long as you have been investing, the big financial firms have been selling you on a false bill of goods. If you aren’t careful, that lie could cost you.

They are always trying to convince you to “just buy and hold, and we will take care of the rest.”

Here’s what they don’t tell you. They treat “buy and hold” investors like sheep going to the slaughter while they get rich!

It doesn’t have to be that way!


From the day you first picked up a financial newspaper, I  am sure so-called experts have been trying to tell you the same lie over and over…

“Don’t worry about the short term profits, you have to work on Wall Street to play that game! Just focus on Buy and Hold investing and we will take care of the rest.”

You don’t have to be a financial expert to know a scam when you hear one!

There are two types of investors- which type are you?

There are the buy and hold outsiders who invest in so-called “safe” blue chip stocks and mutual funds, and then there are the smart investors who make the lion share of the profits off short term, fast moving investments.

The problem for buy and hold investors is they have to wait ten, twenty, or maybe even thirty years to see any real profits.

That is the big disadvantage from investing in a buy and hold strategy.

The myth is that buy and hold investing is supposed to be safe. The risk is supposed to be very low and that money will be there for you when you need it.

That was the story they are trying to sell you on. Yet in recent years, we learned the truth is something else entirely!

The reality is these investments are anything but safe – Entire markets taking a nose dive, mutual fund managers making six and seven figure salaries who can’t beat the market average, and hundreds of thousands of buy and hold investors who got screwed… losing 30%, 40%, even 50% of their money that they put into these so-called “safe” investments.

But it doesn’t have to happen that way. Imagine being able to make short-term, low-cost, low-risk investments that can pay off 100%, 200%, even 500% return on investment in a matter of months, maybe even weeks, not years!

Every day investors just like you are making huge profits off these low-cost investments.

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about options!

It may seem impossible for options to be that profitable but it isn’t. Everyday investors just like you make profits like these:

Those aren’t misprints, those are real results!

Now before you say anything, I know there has been a lot of “information” you have read that told you options are too risky or too complicated for investors like you to make a profit.

Insiders, like the big mutual fund managers, don’t ever want you thinking you could make these kinds of profits on your own so they use misinformation to try to scare you.

Why? Simple greed and self-interest. If you had a pool of investors that didn’t think they could invest for themselves and who were paying you a huge salary and bonuses, you would most likely want to keep them in the dark to an alternative that could pay much higher returns- wouldn’t you?

That is what they spend millions doing every year, not only marketing their “safe” funds, but also trying to “educate” investors like you about the dangers of options investing.

The truth is options are not too risky. When done correctly, they are some of the lowest risk and most profitable investments available.

They are also not too complicated. Other than a few new terms you need to learn, and a few other factors you need to be aware of, investing in options is no different than any other investment.

Except other investments don’t produce the kind of profits our readers enjoyed when we recommended:

In the above examples, our subscribers made these profits in a matter of weeks, not years!

The truth about Options they will never tell you.

The mainstream financial news media will always try to sell you on the idea that buying a stock is safer than buying an option.

Let’s test that idea.

Say you decide that Cummins Inc. (CMI), a company that designs engines, has some good products and is worth investing in. So you decide to buy 100 shares. When you decide to invest, shares are trading at $98 a share. To buy 100 shares, you would have to spend around $9,800. Now how much would you be risking on this investment?


If you think that a stock could never go to zero, believe me, you are wrong. Stocks have gone through huge drops and have left investors penniless before and that will happen again.

Let’s say that instead of buying 100 shares of stock in CMI, you decide to control 100 shares using options.

First, we have to look at what an option is. An option is an investment that gives you the right to buy a certain stock at a guaranteed price for a stated length of time.

Notice I said a right, you are not required to buy the stock. But if you have the right to buy ten shares of stock at ten dollars, and the current price of the stock is twenty dollars, that would be an automatic profit of 10 dollars per share!

And you pay a premium for that right.

So returning to our example, let’s say you wanted to buy ten options. Ten options equals control of 100 shares (each option gives you the right to buy ten shares). The price of those options were trading around $165 per option, so if you bought ten options, you would be risking $1,650. That would be the total you would be risking!

So to buy 100 shares of the “safer” investment, you would be risking $9,800.

So which is the bigger risk?

Why they don’t want you investing in Options.

If you think that these big mutual funds don’t want you investing in options because it is too risky and you might lose money, you haven’t been paying attention to the last few years on Wall Street. They don’t care how much money you lose, as long as they get a big piece of your money. After all, they have huge salaries and ridiculous bonuses they need to cover. How can they do that if your money isn’t in their accounts?

Where you would never see profits like this:

The reason why they don’t want you investing in options is simple – Leverage. Options are one of the greatest forms of leverage in the investing world.

And with leverage comes profit!

Returning to our example, suppose you bought 100 shares of Cummins Inc (CMI) when it was trading at $98.00 a share because you believed the price would go up and your prediction was correct. The share price went up to $110 a share. So let’s look at this- you risked $9800 to make $1200 for an overall return on investment of 12% in 19 days. That’s not too bad.

But let’s look at the same situation if you used options. You bought ten options for $1650, the stock went up to $110, BUT the price of your options went to $5500 which is a 233% return on investment!

So you invested $1650 to make $5500, and you locked up a 233% return on investment in 19 days!

I want to clear up a common misconception first.

Of all the option trades we have made, we have never “exercised” the option (meaning to buy the stock at the agreed price). We simply buy an option at a lower price and sell it at a much higher price at a later date! That’s it, we are just the middle man!

This is the power of options. The leverage options provide allow you to return a much larger profit while still letting you control your risk. Suppose the stock went to zero, you still would only lose the price you paid for the options you bought.

If you are starting to believe that options are a great investment, keep reading and you too could earn profits like these that our subscribers cashed in on:

What I learned in all of my years trading options.

Before we continue, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Gordon Lewis. I am the editor of Advanced Options Adviser, one of the biggest options advisor newsletters in the world.

We have subscribers all over the world who are profiting from our recommendations every day.

I have worked in the options market for more than 20 years.  In fact, I was a market maker, buying and selling thousands of options contracts every day. I learned early on they can be some of the fastest moving and most profitable investments that you can make!

The truth is profiting from the options market can be a game changer.

Imagine not having to work as hard as you do now. Imagine putting in a few hours of work a week and then actually getting to enjoy the rest of your life!

You could travel when you want, you could afford the finer things in life.

This is your chance to enjoy your life.

Options are an incredibly powerful tool for profiting and building your financial future. Take advantage now!

It is time to make the kind of profits insiders make every day.

Advanced Options Adviser was born

When we decided to create this service, I had one overall guiding idea.

If a new subscriber had never heard of options, we could have him making money trading options in one day.  

To make sure you can start trading as quickly as possible, even if you have never traded options before, when you join Advanced Options Adviser, you will get everything listed below.

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What will all of this cost?

Before we priced our service, we checked some other option newsletters.

We were shocked at what they were charging!  $195 per month, $295 per month, $595 per month, $795 per month and up to as high as $1,495 per month!

I understand the temptation to maximize your profit by maximizing the price, but one of my driving goals was to help average investors.

With price points like that, average investors can’t afford to subscribe!

So after a lot of back and forth, I decided on a price of $149.00 a quarter!

Keeping it simple – No contract!

Here is the deal- we are keeping it as simple as possible. You only have to pay as long as you subscribe. The minute you are unsatisfied with our service, you can cancel and you don’t owe us anything more. This is extremely powerful motivation for us to make you money. Why?

The simple reality is our business model only works if you are not just happy to stay a subscriber, but you are THRILLED and want to stay subscribed to our service for years to come!

The reality is we can’t afford for subscribers to only sign up for one quarter. This newsletter is too expensive to produce!

This is your chance!

Life is full of a million choices. How our life turns out depends on the choices we make.

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The reality is this offer isn’t open ended, it can’t be! We have a limited number of spots available. Once we fill them, we have to close the service back down, and you will miss out on opportunities like:

Why? We have to think of our existing subscribers. Imagine what would happen if every time you received a recommendation from us of an option you should buy and hundreds of thousands of people got the same message at the same time.

The price of that option would skyrocket. That’s good news, but it’s only good news if you got to buy before the price of the option took off. Otherwise, you will be left out! So we have to make sure not to flood the market with buyers.

Remember one of the most attractive aspects of options is how fast they move!

So when we reach two hundred new subscribers, we are shutting the doors.

Just a warning, the last time we made this offer it didn’t last long!

Every day, subscribers just like you are making their fortunes. You could be one of them.

Throughout this special report, I have shared just a few examples of the power to profit options are producing every day. I want to make sure you know these weren’t examples I picked out of the newspaper. Every single one of these examples of the power to profit from options was an option trade subscribers to Advanced Options Adviser heard about in our service. Every single one of these was an opportunity for our subscribers to make huge profits!

We haven’t even mentioned one of the biggest benefits of option trading!

But what do you do when you think a stock is going to go down in price?

You have a choice. One, “sell it short” and expose yourself to unlimited risk, or play it safe and run like hell!

Now you have another option!

Instead of buying a call option that makes a profit when the stock goes up in price…

You can buy a put option that makes a profit when the stock goes down in price!

Put options can be incredibly profitable. How profitable?

Every day investors are making huge profits on the markets moving up OR down! Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity.

This offer won’t be around for much longer, don’t miss out.

All too often in life, we hesitate to take advantage of a situation. We see an opportunity staring us right in the face and instead of taking action we hesitate, we doubt ourselves. Maybe we are worried about making a bad decision, maybe we think we shouldn’t take the risk, or maybe we feel like we don’t deserve the opportunity to make the kind of money we always dream about. Maybe we look at the “insiders” and we think we could never make the kind of profits they make. We let the opportunity pass us by.

Don’t let this be one of those opportunities you miss out on and regret later.

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