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An option expiration is the date which the contract comes due.  It’s the date where an options becomes worthless, unless exercised and the buyer no longer has to rights specified in the contract.

When is options expiration…

Although certain expirations have changed over the past few years, the normal equity option expiration date occurs on the third Friday of every month.

Now this can be a little deceiving.

In actuality, at 4pm EST, the third Friday of every month is the last time you can trade options.  At 5:30pm EST on the same Friday is the last time you can exercise your option by notifying your broker.

Finally… at 11:59 on that Saturday, all options officially expire.

Why do some equities have different expiration months?

Option expiration cycles are set directly by the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE).  The system was originally established for order and liquidity.

However, over the years, and as new stocks come to market, option cycles are usually assigned around a company’s earnings.

There’re three main expiration cycles.  Although every stock shows options for the two front months, the cycles are as follows.

  • The January cycle: January-April-July-October
  • The February cycle: February-May-August-November
  • The Marc cycle: March-June-September-December

What happens if you forget to exercise your option?

Recently the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC) has instituted a safeguard so you don’t miss out on an expiration.

You see, the OCC assumes that with so many options contracts on the market, mistake will occur.  You may forget about an option you are holding, or you may just be on vacation.

So, the OCC will automatically exercise any option that is more than $.01 in-the-money.

But only if it’s in your favor.

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