Materials Select Sector SPDR Options (XLB): Unusual Trading Activity

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XLB OptionsOptions in the Materials Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLB) lit up our tracking system late yesterday afternoon with gigantic activity. 

Most traders were concentrating on put buying, betting the ETF will continue to move lower in price.  In fact, of the 44,000 XLB contracts that traded yesterday, all but 2,400 were on the put side.

The single most heavily traded contracts were the XLB September $30 strike put options.  Option traders purchased just over 30,000 of these put contracts at an average price of $0.30 a piece.

Now, with XLB trading substantially higher than the $30 strike price at $34.75, this trade is certainly a long shot.  However, with plenty of time until expiration, XLB certainly has a good probability of reaching that level.

So, it’s quite obvious these traders are bearish on the material sector right now.

And the more I think about it, the more it makes perfect sense. 

You see, most materials companies produce commodity products and operate in highly cyclical industries.  As a result, these companies and their stocks tend to perform poorly in a weak economy.  What’s more, they often drop sharply when investors fear an economic slowdown is coming.

So, what’s happening right now?

While the US economy has been improving gradually, it’s still not growing at pre-financial crisis levels.  And given the ongoing financial crisis in Europe and slowing growth in China, many investors are concerned the US economy could slide back into recession.

These conditions do not bode well for XLB.

Bottom line…

There’s no doubt these option traders are negative on the materials sector. 

And as we’ve heard many times before, sectors based on growth can’t rally if there are continued fears of a global slowdown or even another recession.

This is the perfect opportunity to jump in.

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Marcus Haber

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