Delta Neutral Trading

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neutral market positionA delta neutral position is when two or more positions are used to establish a neutral market position. 

A trader can apply a delta neutral position with stock and one or more options, OR two or more different options.  Whatever combination of securities used, the delta of the two securities offset each other so the position has no price risk. 

In other words, no matter where the price of a stock goes, a delta-neutral position is theoretically un-exposed to market risk.

However, practical application of a delta-neutral position reveals the position is only delta neutral for an extremely short time after the trade is established.

Once a stock moves in any direction, the implied volatility and deltas of the option change and the position is no longer delta neutral.   In other words, a truly delta-neutral position only exists in theory.

In order for a position to remain delta neutral, either the stock would have to not move a penny or the position would have to be constantly adjusted.

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