Calendar Call Spread

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Calendar call spreads, also known as long time spreads are advanced option strategies.

This strategy involves buying a calls or put options.  It’s established by selling one option at a specific strike and month.  And buying another option with the same strike, but with a longer dated expiration month.

It’s not as complicated as it appears.

For example…

You sell a Microsoft December $25 strike call option for $0.50 a share ($50.00).  After, you buy a Microsoft February $25 strike call options for $1.15 per share ($115).

Just about all of the time, when you’re buying an option further out in time, you’re going to  pay more money than for a shorter dated option.  Hence, long calendar spreads are established for a debit.

Meaning, you’re paying for the position.

So, why would an individual use this strategy?

Calendar spreads are often used to take advantage of an options volatility.  In a normal market, volatility is higher the closer an option is to expiration.

Let’s take a closer look… at the first expiration.

At the first expiration, Microsoft is trading at $24 a share.  So, it’s below the December (front month) strike price of $25 a share.

The fact is… this is what you’re looking.   The December option (front month) expires worthless, giving you a  $0.50 a share profit.  Now you own your remaining Microsoft February $25 call option for $0.65 instead of $1.15 per share.

Another piece of good news… when putting on any option strategy for a debit, it’s automatically your maximum risk.  You can’t lose more than you spend.  Don’t ever forget this.

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