Buy Alert: September 5, 2014

| September 5, 2014

Buy Alert:  September 5, 2014


Trade Details

Buy ZAGG (ZAGG) October 6 Calls for $0.40 or better



ZAGG develops specialized products for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The company produces screen protectors, keyboards, and cases. The company stands to gain whenever a slew of new mobile products are launched, as customers rush to buy protective gear for their new gadgets.

And we have the biggest launch of the year coming up next week with Apple’s (AAPL) product unveiling. This event will likely be followed by a variety of new products from ZAGG. Not to mention, we’re getting into the season when several new mobile devices are going to be announced.

We’re going to buy October calls on ZAGG, which happen to be super cheap.


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