Buy Alert: September 27, 2012

| September 27, 2012

Buy Alert:  September 27, 2012 


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Buy Dry Ships (DRYS) November 2012 $2.50 Calls for $0.16 or better



Dry Ships has been weak for years, but I think it’s time for a turnaround.  Truth is, the company has struggled along with most others in its industry as a weak global economy prevented a rebound in cargo shipping.

You see, DRYS owns and operates drybulk carriers worldwide.  Its fleet carries various commodities including coal, iron ore, grains, fertilizers and steel.

And as many investors believe, global growth is picking up and is showing strong signs moving into the fall and winter season.  This will certainly bode well for DRYS.

It’s time to jump into some inexpensive call options.


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