Buy Alert: October 11, 2012

| October 11, 2012

Buy Alert:  October 11, 2012


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Buy SkyWest (SKYW) November 2012 $10 Calls for $0.95 or better



It’s earnings season again so be prepared for a lot of overreactions by investors.  That’s a good thing for us -overreactions often provide excellent opportunities for trades.

That being said, this SkyWest trade is due to yesterday’s overreaction in the stock- although, this particular trade has nothing to do with earnings.  In fact, the stock plunged 6% yesterday because of slightly worse than expected September passenger numbers and a downgrade from Merrill Lynch.

SkyWest’s passenger boardings actually increased 5.3% in September to 4.8 million.  Plus, revenue per passenger climbed 1%.  Apparently, investors had higher expectations.  So let me get this straight – a regional airline is seeing revenue and passenger growth in a sluggish economy, and investors want more?

 Looks like a clear overreaction to me.

And Merrill’s downgrade?  They don’t like the valuation of the company.  Did I mention SKYW shares are trading at just 8.2x projected earnings?  What, does Merrill want the company to just give away shares?

SKYW is oversold in the short-term.  Let’s grab some cheap at-the-money (ATM) calls before investors come to their senses.  (Keep in mind, we usually buy out-of-the money (OTM) calls but the next strike higher is 12.5 – that’s too far away for a stock this price.)


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