Buy Alert: November 19, 2013

| November 19, 2013

Buy Alert:  November 19, 2013


Trade Details

Buy Millennial Media (MM) February 2014 $7.50 Calls for $0.75 or better



MM is a mobile advertising solutions company but recently entered the programmatic ad buying space with the acquisition of Jumptap.  The stock’s down recently on disappointing Q3 results and guidance.  However, the company is still growing – just not as fast as investors would like.

I believe MM’s growth will resume its rapid pace once Jumptap is fully integrated.  The ad-tech space is an exciting field with huge potential for growth.  Once investors realize the type of upside potential MM has, the shares will once again be in demand.

We’re going all the way out to February with these calls because 7.5 was the closest OTM strike available – so I want to give the trade some extra time to work.


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