Buy Alert: May 8, 2017

| May 8, 2017

Buy Alert:  May 8, 2017


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Buy Target (TGT) July 21, 2017 $60 CALLS up to $1.20 or better (lower)



Today, we play a turnaround.

Have you been watching Target lately?  The stock has been hammered and is now sitting at multi-year lows.  The retailer has been beaten up on both sides, from Amazon with online sales, and in the retail arena by WalMart.  

The company is also putting in its rear view mirror the data breaches they have seen recently.

It’s been a one-two punch to the business.

That said, I think a bounce is in order.

Is the business going to turnaround?  I’ve got no idea.  Will the CEO – who just watched his pay get cut by almost 30% – turn the business around?  Again, I don’t know.

What I do know is the stock is trading near multi-year lows and now sports a dividend yield over 4%!

It’s enough to drag in the bottom fishers.

I think enough people will look at the Target story… decide that the company isn’t all that bad off… and buy up some shares.  Plus, any news about a restructuring, or change in the business model, will drive the stock higher.

A risky play… you bet.  But if we get a bounce, it could be a quick way to pocket some cash!

Grab these options and let’s root for some good news!


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