Buy Alert: May 2, 2014

| May 2, 2014

Buy Alert:  May 2, 2014


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Buy Goldman Sachs (GS) June 21st $165 Calls for $1.55 or better



There’s still quite a bit of opportunity for underperforming stocks to catch up to the herd. Before today, I’ve been focusing on Internet stocks mostly. However, there’s been too much volatility among many tech/Internet stocks for our short-term options to succeed.

So, we’re going to apply the same strategy to a safer company in the financial sector. In this case, we’re buying calls in Goldman Sachs (GS).

GS has been underperforming lately and is due for a move higher. The stock has limited downside because of what it is (a major Wall Street bank).   And, the upside potential is attractive (with the share price well off its 52-week highs). Not to mention, the options are nice and cheap.


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