Buy Alert: March 18, 2016

| March 18, 2016

Buy Alert:  March 18, 2016


Trade Details

Buy GoDaddy (GDDY) April 15th 31 Puts for $1.15 or better (lower)



The stock market has “officially” recovered with a few of the major indices turning positive on the year.  Volatility is also way down as investors have regained a sense of complacency.  Now is a good time to buy some cheap protection should the market get spooked by some event or news item. GDDY is an expensive stock at these levels but the options are relatively cheap.

Let’s buy April puts.  Conservative investors can take profits at $29.50.  Aggressive investors can hold to $27.  For risk control, conservative traders should exit at $34.50, while more aggressive traders can hold to $36.


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