Buy Alert: January 29, 2016

| January 29, 2016

Buy Alert:  January 29, 2016


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Buy Gilead Sciences (GILD) February 19th 89 Calls for $1.60 or better (lower)



The market has stabilized over the last couple days but there are still plenty of great deals out there.  I tend to shy away from biotech, but GILD is just too dang cheap to pass up.  The company has shown strong sales growth and earnings growth, but is trading at just 7x projected earnings.  GILD is shaking up the executive team, which could also be good news.

Let’s buy February calls.  We have to go a bit more out of the money this time because the options are somewhat expensive.  Conservative investors can take profits at $90.  Aggressive investors can hold to $95.  For risk control, conservative traders should exit at $80, while more aggressive traders can hold to $78.


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