Buy Alert: August 9, 2016

| August 9, 2016

Buy Alert:  August 9, 2016


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Buy 3D Systems (DDD) September 16th 15 Puts for $1.10 or better (lower)



Remember when 3D printing was the next big thing?  Well the hype cycle seems to have run its course.  While there still may be a bright future for 3D printing, it no longer commands the wow factor it once did.  The crowd has moved on.  DDD, one of the biggest beneficiaries of the 3D printing rage, has come back down to earth this year.  However, the company still has a ways to go before it’s in the clear.  The stock has recently spiked and looks primed for a drop back to support levels.

Let’s buy September puts.  Conservative investors can take profits at $14.  Aggressive investors can hold to $12.  For risk control, conservative traders should exit at $17, while more aggressive traders can hold to $19.


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