Buy Alert: August 14, 2015

| August 14, 2015

Buy Alert:  August 14, 2015


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Buy QUALCOMM (QCOM) September 18th 62.50 Calls for $1.25 or better (lower)



Communications technology giant QCOM is in the process of streamlining its businesses, while expanding into more lucrative technologies.  The company just closed a $2.4 billion purchase of CSR, the company that invented Bluetooth.  QCOM, which still has mostly strong fundamentals, now has the chance to remake itself into a major player in the mobile technology space.  Technically, the stock looks to be at or near a bottom.

We’re going to buy September calls.  Conservative investors can take profits at $64.  Aggressive investors can hold up to $67.  For risk control, conservative traders should exit at $60.50, while more aggressive traders can hold down to $59.


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