Buy Alert: April 8, 2013

| April 8, 2013

Buy Alert:  April 8, 2013


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Buy OpenTable (OPEN) May 2013 $57.50 Puts for $1.75 or better



OPEN is one of those stocks that seems to be consistently overvalued or undervalued.  When it moves, it tends to move a lot more than necessary (in either direction).  This time, I believe OPEN is once again overvalued.

In case you aren’t familiar with OpenTable, the company provides online restaurant reservation services.  You may wonder how a restaurant reservation company could be valued at $1.5 billion by the market… and there are some legitimate concerns.

However, online reservations are a big thing in major metropolitan areas, and they continue to grow.  The problem is, OPEN has already grabbed the low hanging fruit.  Now, the company needs to grow internationally and into small US cities if they want to continue their rapid rate of growth.

But, the most obvious choice for international growth (Europe) is suffering a severe recession.  And, it’s a lot more expensive to pick up customers in small cities (fewer customers to reduce fixed costs).

As such, I think the recent price spike above the 20-day moving average isn’t going to hold.  Not to mention, we’re starting to see overall downward pressure on stocks.  If the market sells off, OPEN will almost surely go with it, as the business model is very much tied to economic growth.

Let’s grab the May $57.50 puts for our portfolio.


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