Buy Alert: April 10, 2017

| April 10, 2017

Buy Alert:  April 10, 2017


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Buy Newmont Mining Corporation (NEM) June 16, 2017 $35 CALLS up to $1.89 or better (lower)



I noticed something really interesting last week.

Look at this gold chart.


Do you see what I see?  I see gold prices trading above the 200-day moving average… ever so slightly.  This doesn’t happen very often.  But when a stock… or in this case, GOLD, trades above the major moving average, it’s a major signal to the markets that a recovery is in progress.

Gold has been building strength for months, and the recent Middle East tensions… and air strikes in Syria… the showdown with Russia… it all could push gold higher… quickly.

If gold continues this run higher, it will benefit the gold producers.  

And that’s why today’s pick is call options on Newmont Mining.  They have an $18 billion market cap and operate gold mines on 5 different continents!  I can see them running higher along with the price of gold.


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